Home Network – Pretty Pictures

Having decided on ESXi for my type 1 hypervisor, over alternatives such as Proxmox I thought I’d put a simple home network diagram to get me visualising everything.

I used draw.io as I like the look of it, but there any many more network diagram tools to choose from if you do a quick Google.

I’m yet to decide if I want to vlan off my virtual estate with vSwitches (internal VMWare ESXi L2 switches) and Port Groups, but if I feel it will add value I may.

I’m utilising the OpenVPN capabilities of my ASUS router to VPN onto my LAN and access my Lab (and Plex library :)) when I’m away from home – using certificates and a username/password. I’m also thinking about picking up a Dell iDRAC licence, which will then give me the ability to turn on the R720 remotely, when required.

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